Neighbourhood Watch

[ Page under construction: the item below is extracted from the December 2017 Newsletter ]

In November 2017 we were fortunate to meet Andrew Judd (Volunteer and Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator) and PCSO Oliver Welch at the Village Forum meeting on the 16th. Andrew outlined how Neighbour Watch can help villagers to protect themselves, their possessions and support neighbours from the threat of burglary from criminals.

In terms of activity in and around the village, there have been no major incidents although a number of isolated cases which have impacted individuals. These have ranged from cycle thefts from locked sheds to milk and outside tap thefts from properties. Please check any outbuildings for ease of entry by criminals – a padlock on it’s own will not stop hinges being unscrewed if the screws are accessible from the outside. Drill larger holes in the hinge and add coach bolts with the domed head on the outside and nuts inside – one on each side of the hinge will stop the door being removed. Shed alarms are another option.

A number of “scam” telephone calls have been reported in the Ashford area – remember not to divulge Bank or Card details, to any person who calls you, unless you are 100% sure who you are dealing with. If a payment needs to be made – call them back on a number you can trust not from one they give you.

Finally, be careful when leaving items in your vehicle, even for a short time, as opportunist thieves will not hesitate to smash a window/break into your vehicle if they see something which they feel has value to them. Keep those presents safe!!!

Have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

Peter Webb Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Shadoxhurst